Kids Unlimited has spent nearly a quarter of a century assuring access and equity to all children. Our mission to empower through opportunity has provided the support our children need to learn, grow, play, dream, and achieve. Our journey tells the story of what can happen when you remove obstacles from kids and surround them with the assets they need to be successful. As an organization, we continue mirroring the actions we hope to foster in our children: listening, learning, and, most importantly, doing. By removing barriers and creating opportunities, we have built an institution where education is prioritized and hard work, accepting responsibility, and showing respect for all, is reinforced daily. 

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KU Academy Students Medford = 475

KU Academy Students White City = 104

Kids Unlimited Pre-School Services = 74

Kids Unlimited After School and Summer = 840

Parents Participation = 1,120

Graduates in Transition Program = 316

Clothing Items Distributed = 13,368

Meals Served = 393,122